Body Balm

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USDA certified organic ingredients quickly help hydrate, rejuvenate and restore rough, cracked skin.
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  • How To Use

    • Apply as needed to rough, dry skin to smooth and improve its appearance.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Soothing, cooling balm quickly hydrates and restores rough, dry, cracked heels, elbows and hands.
    • Moisturizes very dry skin caused by razor burn, wind burn, sunburn, etc.
    • Helps soothe and moisturize minor cuts and scrapes
    • Naturally hydrates and protects dry, damaged skin, cuticles and even dry, flyaway hair 
    • Thicker, so it can be longer-lasting than typical liquids or creams
    • Perfect for all-over daily use 
    • Certified organic formula is made in the USA.
    • Contains certified organic:
    - Sunflower Seed Oil, to provide antioxidant protection
    – Beeswax, to protect skin from the elements
    – Shea Butter, to absorb rapidly into the skin
    – Castor Oil, to help restore moisture balance
    – Spearmint and Orange Peel Oil, for a rejuvenating and refreshing aroma 

  • Did You Know?

    • Shea Butter’s skin care and healing properties have been harnessed for centuries. Its history can be traced to ancient Egypt, where it was used to protect the hair and skin against the fierce sun and hot, dry desert winds.